Epidemiology of cancer in the Republic of Kiribati

Type Journal Article - Pacific health dialog
Title Epidemiology of cancer in the Republic of Kiribati
Volume 11
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
Page numbers 88-93
URL http://pacifichealthdialog.org.fj/Volume2011/no2/PHD1120220p0882009320Ou20orig.pdf
Little is known about cancer epidemiology in Kiribati. Between November 1998 and December 1999, trained medical record
abstractors visited 8 Micronesian jurisdictions including the Republic of Kiribati to review all available medical records in order to
describe the epidemiology of cancer in Micronesia and to better understand the cancer data and control systems in each entity. The
Republic of Kiribati has identified many prevalent preventable cancers. The lack of a robust cancer data tracking and surveillance
system, as well as the lack of resources to institute a technologically and medically sustainable cancer control system was apparent.
The implementation or existence of a national comprehensive cancer control strategic plan would facilitate greater identification,
prevention, and treatment of cancer patients. The health sector and Government of Kiribati are working towards this end. Key Words:
Medically underserved area, needs assessment, oncology services, Pacific Islanders, quality of health care, health services research