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Type Journal Article
Title Where is the planning in family planning? Fiji after three decades of family planning programmes
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1992
URL http://www.popline.org/node/329838
The present report...is based on an analysis of data on knowledge, and practice of family planning in Fiji. This data was collected in a survey...in 1987 and the findings are compared with those of the Fiji Fertility Survey in 1974 as well as the Annual Reports of the Ministry of Health between 1974 and 1988....It has become increasingly clear from analysis based on census and other data that the fertility transition in Fiji has not been a very gradual process and that there are very significant differences in the level, pattern and trend of fertility of the main ethnic components of the population, the Fijians and the Indians. Moreover, the precise role of a large variety of determinants of fertility, but particularly that of family planning on fertility change in Fiji is largely unknown. This report sheds some additional light on changes in knowledge and practice of family planning since the Family Planning Programme started in the 1960's. (EXCERPT)

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