The Fiji fertility survey: a critical commentary on administration and methodology.

Type Journal Article - Voorburg The Netherlands April 1975.(World Fertility Survey Occasiona l Paper No. 15) 99 p
Title The Fiji fertility survey: a critical commentary on administration and methodology.
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1975
The texts of instructional materials used in the Fiji Fertility Survey conducted in 1974 as a pilot exercise for the World Fertility Survey are listed in a series of appendices that are, in turn, part of a critical study of administration and methodology of the survey. Through the administering of a questionnaire to a cross-section of 5,000 households in Fiji, the basic goals were to provide detailed information on fertility and to compare fertility rates and factors which influenced them among different countries and parts of the world. Documentation used in the survey is presented in 9 appendices, the first 2 of which are the Fiji Fertility Survey Questionnaire and the Manual of Instructions for Enumerators. In addition to sections on respondents' background, the major sections of the survey questionnaire included series of questions on maternity history, contraceptive use, fertility planning, work history, current husband's background, and marriage history. The text of the manual of instructions for enumerators contained lengthy sections on proper interviewing techniques and how to handle certain problems connected with the questions in each part of the survey. Other, somewhat shorter, appendices included: Supervisors addendum to the instruction manual, 2) Instructions for listers and listing supervisors, 3) Instructions for editors, 4) Illustrative sections from the coding manual, 5) Program for enumerator training, and 6) Illustrative pages from the deployment plan for supervisors and enumerators.

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