Improving literacy outcomes in Fiji schools

Type Journal Article
Title Improving literacy outcomes in Fiji schools
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Pacific governments give literacy a high priority, recognising this will build their economies. However, many governments and their departments fail to provide people with the reading materials that will maintain those reading abilities. A Secretariat of the Pacific Community report on Millennium Development Goals gave Fiji's literacy rate in 1996 as 93%, although Census figures for the same period suggest slightly higher figures: 93% in 1986 and 96.5% in 1996. Also, in 1996, a survey of libraries in Fiji found that 28% of library staff working in Fiji school libraries had no relevant library or teaching qualification. 19% had completed or were studying a 6th Form library certificate. 6% were enrolled in a Diploma. The remaining 52% were teaching staff with no library qualification.

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