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Type Conference Paper - Proceedings of the 11the Pacific Science Inter-Congress, Papeete, Tahiti
Title Traditional Agricultural Systems and Emerging Markets in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
URL http://webistem.com/psi2009/output_directory/cd1/Data/articles/000189.pdf
Changes in economic activities have resulted in a reemergence of the importance of producing what were once subsistence foods now as marketable crops. Due to the geographical logistics of small island states like Yap, there are times when traditional methods remain the only viable and sustainable alternative. This paper, based on fieldwork conducted in Yap State, FSM 2007-2009, looks at how what were once traditional subsistence agriculture activities in Yap are reemerging as economic activities. The paper addresses the impact of markets on the socio-economic well-being of respondents on Yap proper. Analysis is conducted through a socio-economic assessment of innovative marketing techniques, in particular micro-finance. Research was designed to identify crops currently being produced through subsistence activities on small and medium farms that are or have potential for market development. Through stakeholder input and the development of extension activities linked to converting subsistence crops to marketable products, research findings are used to assess needs of small-scale production in relation to marketing strategies in a way that is beneficial to local producers.

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