ACIAR PROCEEDINGS Bogor, Indonesia 22-25 April 1996

Type Conference Paper - Sustainable Control of Parasites in Small Ruminants Country Paper: Fij
Title ACIAR PROCEEDINGS Bogor, Indonesia 22-25 April 1996
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1996
City Bogor, Indonesia
Country/State Indonesia
This paper discusses the present state of the small ruminant industries in Fiji and acknowledges that these industries will remain an important source of meat for the nation. This is ensured by the multicultural nature of the society and strong demand for goat and sheep meats. The Fiji government continues to support the industries through the provision of research and extension services. However, the level of support is not likely to increase in the foreseeable future. Gastrointestinal parasites are the major cause of production loss in small ruminants in Fiji. Current parasite control methods rely heavily upon thc use of anthelmintics. Given the occurrence of anthelmintic resistance there is a need for the development of sustainable parasite control measures. Optimising
anthelmintic use, rotational grazing, improved nutrition, selection of resistant hosts, biological control, and anti-parasitic vaccines are identified as priority areas for research into the development of a sustainable parasite control program. The need for an integrated approach employing a number of control options is acknowledged, as is the need for external assistance in the development of the research program.

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