Nonouti, Kiribati: water resources assessment

Type Journal Article - SOPAC Preliminary Report
Title Nonouti, Kiribati: water resources assessment
Volume 141
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2004
Page numbers 12
URL 2003 Nonouti Kiribati Water​Resources Assessment.pdf
This report provides results of a brief assessment of groundwater resources and water supply systems at selected parts of Nonouti atoll, Kiribati from 11 to 18 October 2003 as part of the Technical Assistance to the Republic of Kiribati for National Water Resources Assessment and Management (Asian Development Bank TA 6031 REG) – Promoting Effective Water Management Policies and Practices. The visit was made in conjunction with other members of the Project team and a representative of the Water Engineering Unit of the Ministry of Works and Public Utilities. The overall purpose of the project visit was to seek the views of the community about water supply and water resources issues, to assess current water supply systems and to undertake a preliminary water resource assessment for Nonouti.

Nonouti in the Southern Gilbert group is the third largest in the group after Tabiteuea and Tarawa, with a land area of 19.9 km2. The island, shown in Figure 1, is bow shaped and approximately 50 km long with a half loop at each end. On the northern side a series of islands exist which are difficult to reach since they are cut off by several passages without causeways. The population on Nonouti according to the 2000 census is 3,176. The majority of the villages with high population are immediately south and north of the airport which is situated between Rotima and Autukia. The Island Council’s office is located in Matang as well as the main hospital.

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