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Type Journal Article - A report prepared for the Fiji Government and Pacific Disaster Risk Management Partnership. Suva, Fiji: ISDR and SOPAC
Title Situation analysis for strengthening disaster information management systems in Fiji: baseline data preparedness and assessment methodologies
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
URL http://www.pacificdisaster.net/pdnadmin/data/original/FJI_2009_Situation_analysis_DIMS.pdf
This project, a pilot for the Pacific region, aims to facilitate a partnership between the Fiji government and many other stakeholders that will strengthen pre- and post-disaster information management systems and thereby improve disaster response and reduce disaster risk in Fiji.

The project aims to:
i. Provide multiple stakeholders in Fiji with relevant and timely and consistent baseline data for disaster preparedness and response as well as for risk reduction;
ii. Develop an agreed methodology and capacity for rapid multi-cluster needs assessment and in-depth cluster needs assessments following natural disasters, and iii. Develop tools and procedures that guide the management of information during response operations and for the planning of disaster reduction measures. Users of this information will include Fiji National Disaster Management Council as well as other disaster risk managers, humanitarian workers and national and local government agencies, as well as regional and international agencies. Including UN organizations, the Red Cross and other NGOs involved in humanitarian response, recovery, mitigation and/or risk reduction initiatives.

This report reviews the types and sources of data available in Fiji that are relevant to disaster risk management (DRM), as either baseline data or post-assessment data, and discusses data management issues that need to be resolved, in order for the National Disaster Management Office to fully carry out its mandated responsibilities.

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