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Title Socio-Economic Development in Micronesia: A Case Study of Hope and Heartbreak in Chuuk, FSM
URL https://www.uog.edu/_resources/files/schools-and-colleges/college-of-liberal-arts-and-social-science​s/pai/pai_195-203.pdf
This essay examines the current levels of socio-economic development in the state of Chuuk, one
of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). While different states in Micronesia have engaged
with global market demands for tourism, labor, and resource extraction as means to develop
themselves economically, Chuuk has been among the least successful. In 2003, the Asian
Development Bank (ADB) conducted a hardship assessment of the FSM that not only included
Chuuk but also found that Chuuk is currently unable to meet adequate levels of Sustainable
Human Development. In particular, ADB findings indicated a lack of access to basic services; a
lack of opportunity for people to participate in the socio-economic life of their community; and a
lack of adequate resources to meet the basic needs of the household, family, and community. This
paper addresses some of the social, structural, and cultural issues that have been identified by
Chuukese community leaders, business people, and workers as hindering current efforts for social
and economic development.