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Type Journal Article - Pacific Studies
Title Foreigners at home: Discourses of difference, Fiji Indians and the looting of May 19
Volume 25
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
Page numbers 69-92
URL http://www.academia.edu/597407/Foreigners_at_home_discourses_of_difference_Fiji_Indians_and_the_loot​ing_of_May_19
This essay focuses on Fiji Indians' reactions to the property destruction and ethnic violence that followed the 19 May 2000 coup. In particular, it explores why, in the first few weeks following the coup, Indo-Fijians despaired over the looting of downtown shops, rather than over other acts of seemingly more direct anti-Indian violence, such as the burning of Indo-Fijian homes and physical attacks against indo-Fijian men and women. I analyze how Fiji's Sanatan Hindus discursively posited Indians, on the one hand, as central to the development of Fiji as a modern capitalist nation, and Fijians on the other, as detrimental to national progress. Looting in particular came to represent the demolition of all that Fiji Indians considered themselves to have built out of the nation of Fji.

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