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Type Journal Article - Pacific health dialog
Title Review of drug-related legislation in the Republic of Fiji Islands
Volume 9
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
Page numbers 68-75
URL http://pacifichealthdialog.org.fj/Volume209/No20120_20Emergency20Health20In20The20Pacific/Review20Pa​pers/Review20of20drug20related20legislation20in20the20Republic20of20Fiji20Islands.pdf
The development of new drug-related legislation for Fiji commenced in 1996 when two draft Bills, namely the Pharmacy Bill and the Poisons and Therapeutics Goods Bill, which had been based on World Health Organisation (WHO) drafts, were prepared and circulated for comment. During a six-week period in 1998, the consultant analysed comments on the drafts, co-ordinated stakeholder meetings, and provided workshops for the identified major stakeholders. Implementation of the outcomes from the consultancy has been delayed by first, a democratic change in Government and the resulting establishment of new priorities, secondly by a coup with subsequent interim administration, and thirdly by return to democracy with priority reassessment by the new Government.

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